1802 Ferry Rates To Cross Patapsco River At Elkridge Landing

The Traveler's Directory of 1802 listed the "rates of ferriage" - man and horse 6 cents, four wheel carriages 27 cents, passengers 3 cents.  The ferry, left, was on the Delaware River by Philadelphia in 1779.

Patapsco River is near the one hundred and seventh mile, and about seven and an half from Baltimore.

The Falls, a little above this place, stop the navigation.
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On crossing the Patapsco River, you enter
Ann Arundel County bounded north and north-east by Baltimore County, on the east by the Chesapeake Bay, on the south by Calvert County, on the west and north-west by Prince George and Patuxent Counties. The soil of this county, particularly in the north-west parts, is in general rich, and well cultivated; but in the southern and eastern parts, there are numerous fine forests. Iron ore is found in this county; two furnaces, with forges, are established, where pig and bar iron, and hollow ware, are manufactured.
Elkridge Landing is opposite the one hundred and seventh mile. It is a small village, situated on the south bank of the Patapsco River, between the ferry and the mouth of Deep Run. This place is celebrated for a superior kind of tobacco, called Kitesfoot. 

The Traveller's Directory, or, A pocket companion: shewing the course of the main road from Philadelphia to Washington.  Phila: 1802
A Colonial Ferry? webpage full of old ferry images HERE including ferry "arriving from the Philadelphia side of the river." 1779 in Camden County Historical Society

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