1871 Businesses And Farmers In Howard County

The State Gazette and Merchants and Farmers' Directory for Maryland listed about 150 businessmen and 70 farmers in Howard County.  The book described the county and some of the towns.  Ellicott City was one of "the most romantic cities" in the US with "some of the largest cotton factories in the country."

"Court meets at Ellicott City on the third Monday in March, and first Monday In September.
This is one of the smallest counties in the State, having an area of only 300 square miles. It is bounded on the North by Baltimore and Carroll counties, on the South by Montgomery and Prince George's counties, on the East by the head waters of the Patapsco River and Anne Arundle [sic] county, and on the West by Montgomery county. The County is completely intersected with streams of water, affording excellent water power, which is improved by factories, mills, &c. The soil is mostly good, chiefly fine limestone land.
Some of the finest granite quarries in the State are to be found in Howard County, chiefly among which we may mention, those in the upper part of the County, the stone of which resembles the celebrated Quincy granite. The largest quarries, however, are between Sykesville and Baltimore City, of which stone, some of the finest public buildings in the State are built.
Iron Ore abounds in the southern part of the County, principally along the Anne Arundle County line.
The “Doughoregan Manor," of Charles Carroll, of Carrolton, containing nearly 14,000 acres, of the finest land in the County, is situated west of Ellicott City, and along a stream known as Middle River.
The products are "Wheat, Corn, Oats, Potatoes, &c. The manufactures are Cotton, Flour, and Woolen Fabrics.
The County Seat, is Ellicott City, one of the most romantic spots in Maryland.

ELLICOTT CITYThis is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the United States. The principal part of the city lies in a valley, surrounded by hills, dotted with magnificent residences and beautiful churches.
The Patapsco Institute for young ladies, the Rock Hill College for boys, St. Clements' Hall for boys, and St. Charles' College, are located here, and are imperishable monuments to the refined taste and liberal disposition of the people.           Some of the largest cotton factories in the country are in operation here, affording employment to many, while the agricultural interests of the city are equal to that of any of her neighbors.
The city is situated on the main stem of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, about 15 miles from Baltimore, and may be reached almost any hour in the day from the latter city.
Appleby James, cotton manufacturerBauersfeld W. groceryBarnes Thos. bone dust manufacturerBENSON E. J. editor and prop. "Common Sense"Bewley W. J. livery, wile and exchange stablesBewley W. J. undertakerBierly J. T. boot and shoe denierBinworth T. B. provisionsBlackhead M. tin and sheet iron wareBolm Rev. Mathew, Catholic clergymanBROOKS Mrs. N. C. books and stationery, Main st nr Railroad Depot Brown J. R. jr. Editor Ellicott City Times Brown John, miller Brown Zige, miller BURNS Dr. ARTHUR P. physician. Main streetBurgess Samuel. wagon makerButke G. clothingCaddick Thomas, tailorCarnery Peter, blacksmithCatsidy J. E. tailorCentral Lodge, No. 40, 1. O. O. F.CIRCUIT COURT, Oliver Miller, Chief Judge, Annapolis; Wm. N. Hayden,    Associate Judge, Westminster; Edw'd Hammond, Associate Judge, Ellicott City;    W. W. Watkins, Clerk, Henry E. Wootten, States Attorney, Claudius  Stewart, Sheriff,    John S. Tyson, Auditor, L. J. Watkins, Deputy Clerk Cobb S. P. cotton manufacturer Cobb & McCrea, livery stables  Collier W. B. stoves and tin ware  Coomcs R. W. boot and shoe dealer Cooper Daniel, baker County Commissioners, John S. Tracy, John T. Hardy, C. M.Roberts; George R. Shane, Clerk     to the Board Corsey M. provisions, &c. Crocker J. H. photographerDashull Samuel K. examiner board of school commissionersDAY JOHN & SON. gen. merchandise, Main st Day Thomas, general merchandise Davis Joshua, miller Duvall Mrs. M. L. fancy goods Dunivan Alexander, miller Fisell Ferdinand, grocery Fisher J. C. stoves and tin ware Fisher Robert, grocery Fisel Ferdinand, provisions Frank S. & Co. clothing Frochlich C. J. tailor Fulton D. hardware merchant Gallaher E. 11. butcher Gallaher James, butcher Gaw James, cabinet maker Gilligan Mrs. M. grocery Gerrer Joseph, baker Gosnell Thomas, grocery Granite Mauf g Co. Cotton Mills Gray Manf g Co. Cotton Mill Groves W. D. real estate dealer Hammond Win. A. attorney at law Hammond Edward attorney at law Hardtman John, grocery Harris John T. grocery Hartley Charles, miller Harvey U. C. W. ticket ag't В. & О. R. R. СоHeavy Mrs. M. confectioneryHelm Beal, boot and shoemakerHelm Beal, butcherHelm Franklin, stoves and tin wareHelm James, butcherHENKE HENRY, general merchandise. Main st Hobbs Ulysses attorney at law Hodges Dr. W. E. physician Holtman John, saloon House B. J. miller Howard House, J. Groves proprietor Hant Miss E. millinery Hunt Thomas U. general merchandise Inglhart R. R. lawyer Imhoff John, restaurant Ireland & Bond, (c) groceries Isaacs G. W. blacksmith Jones Edward, butcher Keene Dr. S. A. druggist Kinsey Isaiah, boot and shoe dealer Kraft Andrew, butcher Lauman A. barber Leamon C. confectionery LEISHEAR J. H. general merchandise. Main st Linthicum Edward, attorney at law Loman Daniel, grocery Lowe Charles, grocery Lucas Charles M. watch maker and jeweller Mackubin James, attorney at law Martin Dr. Issac J chemist and druggist MAYFIELD WM. F. saddle and harness maker, Main st Mayfield Mrs. S. dry goods, &c. Mayfield Mrs S. milliner McCauley D. J. cooper McCauley Dr J. general merchandise, Frederick  Pike McClelland J. cabinet maker McClelland T. E. junk dealer McCrea Thomas, miller McGowan James, post master McKabin J. lawyer McKinzie Charles, cotton manufacturer Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. Smith pastor Mellor Benjamin, blacksmith Mercer J. W. carpenter and builder Mitchell Rev. Walter, Rector St. John's Church NEUBECK HENRY, gun and locksmith, Main st. Norrie & Vansant, general merchandise Oates Rev. M. catholic clergyman Ockes Jacob, wheelwright ORPHAN'S COURT.—Jos. F. Gordon,  Chief Judge; A. P. Amos, Associate Judge;    Thos. J. White, Associate Judge; Benj. H. Dorsey, Register of  Wills Owings Dr. T. B. physician Patapsco Female Institution, Robt. H Archer, principal Patapsco Flour Mills, C. A. Gambrill & Co. proprietors PATMOS LODGE No. 70, A. F. A. M. Peter W. B. real estate agent Phelps Wm. butcher Presbyterian Church, Rev. Hooper, pastorReynolds J. A. foundry Rice Mrs. Mary, confectionery Rinehart Geo. miller ROCK HILL COLLEGE, Bro. Bettelin,  president RODEY MARTIN L. restaurant Bands Geo. W. attorney-at-law Savage С, H. minister Scott Thos. butcher Scott Wm. Shane Geo. R. magistrate Shafer Emanuel, miller Sprecher David, general merchandise Super Edwin, butcher ST. CLEMENTS HALL, Rev. J. Avery Sheppard, principal Stewart John, confectioner Stewart H. (c) liquors Stewart L. restaurantSt. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Rev. Father W. E. Starr St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Rev. W. H. Phil- STRAWBR1DGE ISAAC, proprietor  Patapsco Hotel, Main st, nr Bridge SWEENEY SIMON, watchmaker and  jeweller, main st. nr Bridge Sykes Dr. S. dentistTabler A. J. P. general merchandiseTALBOTT E. A. building materials and lumberTaylor W. C. provisionsThomas W. confectioner Tyson John S. atorney-at-law Union Manufacturing Co. cotton mill Vansant J. E. general store Western Union Telegraph Office, C.Y. Harvey,  agent WitcBell Wm. miller Wooton Henry E. attorney-a.t-Iaw Worthington Dr. W. H. physician Yinger Mrs. S. A. confectionery
Blaney Thos. Brown D. S. Carey Cornelius  Carey Jos. Clark Jas. Claggett John Coleman Patrick Conn Jas. Coolie Geo.  Cooney Michael Davis Edward Davis Gaither Davis Nathaniel Davis Richard Davis Thomas Davis Wesley Davis Wm. Dennis E. N. Dorsey C.T. Dorsey John T. W. Dorsey Jno. W. Dorsey Reuben. M. Dyson Jacob Espy Samuel Frost Edw. Fredericks Daniel Frost Wm. Geislin Jas. Giles Donaldson Gosnell John Hammond M. Hansom Christian Harman Wm. II. Helms Oliver Herbert Joh» Hirrold John Hughes Rufus Johnson Anthony Jones A. J. Jones Robson Klug Charles Ligon T. W. Mayo W. J. McGuire J. D. McKinzev David Mitchell W. S. Murphy John Orour John Peter G. W. Phillips Richard Prine Henry Porcher Peter Pue С. R. Pue Ferdinand Pue Michael Reneham Edward Renebam John Stripley Edw. Smith Charles Smith Jas. Stocken Geo. D. Thomas R. D. Thompson Dorsey Tucker S. Tucker Wesley Verney Jas. Verney John Wall John Young
ELK RIDGE LANDING.A village situated on the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad about ten miles from Baltimore city. Contains a post office, a number of stores, churches, schools, &c.
ELYSVILLE.A small village on the Balto. & Ohio Railroad, about 20 miles from Baltimore city. This is a beautiful little town, and made exceedingly lively, by the enterprise and industry of its inhabitants. It contains a factory and several stores
GLENELGA post office situated about ten miles east from Ellicott
HANOVER SWITCH.A station on the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, about twelve miles from Baltimore city.
ILCHESTER.A small village on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, about one and three fourth miles from Ellicott City.
LAUREL.A village situated on the Washington branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad about 22 miles from Baltimore city. This is one of the most thriving towns in the county. The celebrated "Laurel Mills Goods" manufactured here, stand high in the trade, and the establishment is considered one of the finest in the country. Of late years this little town has grown a great deal, many fine residences have been erected, and many business houses have been established during the past three years.
LISBON.A village situated in the northwestern part of the county, fourteen miles northwest from Ellicott City, the County Seat. This is one of the finest and most enterprising villages in the County. It is connected with Ellicott City by a fine road, leading thence to New Market.
MATTHEW’S STOREA post office situated about eleven miles west from Ellicott City.
MARRIOTTSVILLE.A village on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, twenty-seven miles from Baltimore City, and twelve miles from Ellicott City, the County Seat.
POPLAR SPRINGS.A small village about two miles west from Lisbon.
SAVAGE FACTORY.A Post Village and Station on the Washington Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, about twenty-one miles from Baltimore City.
SIMPSONVILLE.A post village eight-and-a-half miles southwest from Ellicott City, the nearest railroad station; is a thriving little town containing a number of stores and manufactories. The surrounding country is very beautiful, and the soil is rich. Middle River, a tributary of the Patuxent, passes through the village and affords a supply of water sufficient for all purposes.
WEST FRIENDSHIP.A post village north-west from Ellicott city, about eight miles.

The State Gazette and merchants and farmers' directory for Maryland… Baltimore: 1871. Online HERE
“Plan of Ellicott City Howard & Baltimore” in Atlas of fifteen miles around Baltimore including Howard Co. 1878 Paper copy at Howard County His Soc $10 HERE Second link ‘p31’ at Johns Hopkins HERE

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