Apple Cinnamon Pancakes*

Another recipe, I know, I know! The weather is getting cold and when that happens I really like being in the kitchen.  Here is a great recipe that is easy and uses everyday ingredients.  I like to mix the batter up, take my morning walk, come back and put these on the griddle.  A cup of hot coffee goes well with them.
~apple cinnamon pancakes
1/2 c all-purpose flour1/2 c whole wheat flour1 t baking powder1 t baking soda2 t cinnamon1 c soymilk1 T canola oil1 medium peeled and grated tart apple1/4 c walnuts
combine first 5 ingredients in bowl.  add soymilk and oil, mix and then fold in grated apple and walnuts.
let batter sit for at least 1/2 hour.  spoon onto hot oiled griddle.  flip when small bubbles appear on top.drizzle with warm maple syrup.
*no animals were harmed making these pancakes