AuthenticiTY Is Important To ME!


au·then·ticôˈTHen(t)ik/adjective1.of undisputed origin; genuine.

Getting to the Primary Source

It not enough for me to just write my opinion about stuff any more; I require primary sources.

I have felt this way about all of the topics I have chosen to write about these last couple of weeks. After spending hours researching people and subjects, I feel justified in contacting the people or leaders in the field in order to try to get them to verify what I've written and offer them the opportunity to comment on what I've written. For example, here is a list of people I have tried to contact in the last two weeks:

1. Provo Temple President - President Merrill J. Bateman (Provo Temple, 801-375-5775)

2. Credit Crisis Expert - Stock Market, yet Homeowner-aware Tychoon, Shah Gilani

3. Mafia Originator - Dimitry Davidoff (Could not be found)

4. Gwen Stefani's Music Agent - Mitch Okmin (323-653-0427)

5. Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel - I tried emailing an agency that books White for public speaking events. No response.

6. The Malcolm X Project at Columbia University - Manning Marable,, (212-854-1489)

7. Dance Pro from Hannah Montana - Jamal Sims (I tried contacting him through LinkedIn, but I got the wrong Jamal Sims. No dice. The good news is that Darin, the 24 Hour Fitness Dance Instructor, is making his return debut at this upcoming Wednesday Hip Hop class.)

8. Nick Pitera, the high-voiced Disney singer - (

9. Tennis Pro - Roger Federer ([email protected])

10. Old School friend who taught me sportsmanship - Michael Carpenter (facebook friends)

11. Disturbed actor, Joaquin Phoenix - His agent, Iris Burton (Joaquin Phoenix - c/o United Talent Agency - 9560 Wilshire Blvd. - Suite 500 - Beverly Hills, C.A., 90212)

So far, only Mike Carpenter has gotten back to me. I have confidence that Pres. Bateman will take a look at the Temple post and comment. Here's hoping that the rest will fall in line. If you have any suggestions for how to get celebrities/important people to respond to my call as primary sources of information, please share your thoughts below.

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