Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is an English preparation of a beef tenderloin coated typically in pate and mushrooms and then sometimes wrapped in a crepe to keep the pastry flaky. I have made the preparation quicker by omitting the pate and using a layer of prosciutto to seal the meat.

Beef Wellington sounds intimidating however, if you just prepare it over 2 days you will have no problems and it wont feel like such a challenge. I use store bought puff pastry and a few simple ingredients to prepare a show stopper of a meal. We enjoyed this for New Years Eve and it went perfect with lots of good champagne!

You will need:

1 small piece of beef tenderloin (mine is .505kg/1.1lbs and 6 inches -this can serve 4 people\olive oil and butter for frying1 small pkg of mushrooms -white1/2 cup dry mixed mushrooms - rehydrated in boiling water 6 cloves -garlic1/2 onion- chopped very finesalt/pepper1 sheet all butter puff pastry3-4 tbsp Dijon mustard2 tsp horseradish (can be prepared or fresh)1 tbsp honey4 slices prosciutto

Step 1: gather all your ingredients.  Let meat come to room temperature before cooking it. Pat beef dry with paper towels.

Step 2: pour some boiling water over your dry mushrooms. Set aside while you prepare your meat.

Step 3: prepare your mustard topping. In a small bowl add mustard, horseradish and honey. Mix and set aside.

Step 4: in a very hot pan add a few tbsp of olive oil and a tbsp of butter. Brown the meat on all sides. I cook for approximately 2 minutes on each side. (don't forget the ends!) Remove and place on plate.

Step 5: when cooled slightly slather on the mustard. You want to add this while the meat is still warm so it sucks up all the flavour.  Let cool completely and then place in fridge to chill. (30 minutes)

Step 6: in the same pan add the chopped onions and scrape off all the yummy bits cooking until slightly browned.

Step 7: drain the soaked mushrooms and add to a food processor along with the fresh mushrooms and the cooked onions. Process until fine.

Step 8: saute in pan until most of the moisture has evaporated and the mix is somewhat dry. You want there to still be some moisture but it should not be sloppy wet. Taste and add salt and pepper. Let cool completely.

Step 9: add 4 slices of prosciutto to a large piece of plastic wrap (I only had 2 slices in my fridge and typically I don't used the smoked variety but, if you lay out 4 you will be able to wrap the tenderloin completely to provide a layer between the puff pastry. This keeps the pastry flaky and dry.

Step 10: Remove the chilled beef from fridge and add cooled mushroom mix to the entire outside of the beef. I add a layer and place it on the prosciutto and then continue to pat it on with my hands until it is coated.

Step 11: wrap and freeze the meat for 1 hour.

Step 12: wrap the beef in a slice of puff pastry. I also place on a piece of parchment with a large sheet of plastic wrap underneath.

Step 13: roll up beef and wrap tightly in plastic. At this stage you can leave in fridge overnight or a few hours until chilled. 

Step 14: remove from fridge, skor lightly with a knife and brush with egg to make a nice sheen when baking.

Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes or until just browned. This will make a medium rare tenderloin. If you want it cooked a bit more keep it in for approx 5-10 minutes more. Remove from oven and let rest 10-15 minutes before slicing.

I served it with some asparagus and a green salad.