Blogging For Books: Trisha's Table

**I was provided a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own**

I think Trisha has the right idea....there is nothing wrong with comfort food, and certainly nothing wrong with lightening up said comfort food...but still keeping all the flavor.
As a self proclaimed "girl who loves to eat", she makes sure not to lose any of the tastes and textures that make comfort food what it is.

Not everything in this book is light and healthy, but then again, not many people live that way.
Moderation is key! (or as she says "everything in moderation, including moderation")
There is nothing wrong with enjoying a real fried chicken dinner, just maybe balance it off with tofu lasagna later in the week.

Cornbread chili casserole, Dill pickles, Grilled zucchini, there is a recipe for every taste.

She offers so many real dishes with real options; I can't wait to try them all.