Caboosta (Cabbage Soup)

I am part Italian and part Lithuanian...this means I pretty much LIVE on bread, pasta, and potato. No Atkins diet in my future!
It's my mother's side that is Lithuanian, and we eat a LOT of really good Polish food.
This soup (forgive the not-so-specific) has been passed down from generation to generation. It's not fancy, it's not's just comforting and delicious!It's so simple to make, even after years of making it, I still feel like I am forgetting something!
There are no extra spices, just salt and pepper to taste.
One head of cabbage
One large can of crushed tomato
6 cups of Water

1. Pour water into a soup pot
2. Shred cabbage, add to pot
3. Dice pork, add to pot
4. Add tomato
5. Add bayleaf
6. Cook until pork is cooked and cabbage is tender

You do want the liquid in the pot to reduce by a few will make for stronger flavors.
Not pictured: Salt and Pepper to taste