Cheese, Leek And Onion Bisque

I know it's been half a year...but do not fear! I have still been cooking through Disney! I haven't posted since August...I can make all kinds of excuses...2 kids, busy life, but I honestly just haven't gotten around to it. So enjoy my last 7 months of food and I try to catch you up on our Disney at-home culinary adventures!!!

Grand Floridian Cafe
Disney's Grand Floridian Beach Resort

Anytime I have to cook a soup, then try to pull it out and puree it in a food processor I get annoyed. I do like the smooth soup, but man is it a hot job to puree that cooked stuff! This soup has a great flavor so we gave it 4 mickeys. I would suggest finding a way to thicken it, as it is a very watery, runny soup.