Clinical Trials And Lupus

In preparation for the answers to the 15 Questions this month about clinical trials, I thought I'd share some information about the LFA's Center for Clinical Trials Education and the Lupus Research Registry with you.

The LFA's Center for Clinical Trials Education (CCTE) is the resource for people with lupus and their families who want to learn about clinical trials. The Center includes:

* points to consider before participating in a clinical trial
* a guide to clinical research terms
* the latest news on lupus and clinical research
* resources for additional information and support
* a comprehensive search tool for clinical trials

The Lupus Research Registry (LRR) allows people to register to receive email alerts of clinical trials in their area based on the information provided by the user at registration. This registry is part of LFA’s ongoing efforts to advance the science and medicine of lupus and help speed development and approval of new, safer and more tolerable treatments for lupus. The registry ensures the community is informed and engaged in the quest for new treatments and ultimately a cure for lupus.

Visit to learn more about clinical trials and the CCTE!