Dinner Group - Whose Night Is It Anyway?

So I got this feeling about an hour before dinner group(s) began to check online to see where I'd be eating at tonight. (The reader should be aware that I am a member of two dinner groups that overlap on Mondays and Wednesdays.) I pulled up Google Calendars and discovered 2 names: Jon King (apartment 125) and my OWN!

The time was 5:20. My dinner group of 8 was due to arrive at 6:30. That gave me 5 minutes to panic, 15 minutes of total travel time, 15 minutes at the grocery store, 4 minutes for unpredictable friend-encounters along the way (which I completely used up), 30 minutes to cooking and 1 minute to catch my breath. I stood up from my chair, put a different shirt on (backwards), grabbed my keys and took off for Maceys. Fortunately, I backed into my parking stall, shaving 5 seconds off of my driving time.

Everything went according to plan. I was totally in the zone at the super market. I cruised around the perimeter of the store like a man possessed. Celery looked good, bananas looked cheap [read: perfect], ¿DONDÉ the marinated chicken? Got it! And, I'm outta here.

Back at the apartment, I had the foresight to start some rice and pre-heat the oven. So I quickly "Pam"ed a pan, packed in the chicken and closed the oven, hoping that it would be enough time. While the chicken was baking, I put the bananas in a bowl, slapped some PB on the celery and steamed some leftover vegetables in a pot. In the end, I had only spent $12 had still had 10 minutes to kill. It turned out to be one of the best dinner group meals I've ever cooked. (The chicken was SOOOO juicy; I should under-cook it more often. JK.)


Bryan's Quicky Meal of Healthy Goodness

Pre-marinated Chicken - $8Assorted Vegetables Leftover from Costco Bag - $1Brown rice - Gift from my roommate, ReedBananas - $2Celery with Peanutbutter - $2Brita Water - Priceless