Dreams Don’t Only Exist When We Are Asleep

The word dreams would usually be interpreted into another world from our reality. When we sre kids, we had simple (well, sometimes not that simple) but beautiful dreams that made our life better or more tolerant? We had dreams of going to space or being superheroes or being princesses or living in a candy world, you name it, there is no limit to creativity. 
As we grow older, dreams begin to be irected towards our future. We begin to dream of our reality in the future and it begins to connect with our actions in the present time. However, not so many would translate dreams to be a real thing because some people would try to bring those dreamers down and crush their dreams that can be turned into reality.  My reality is built on the dreams I once had when I was younger. They were my source of strength and hope in desperate and bad times and helped me remain hopeful regardless of the situation. I had a dream to be an Astronaut and go through the process of being one when I was in primary and secondary school, I spent most of my free time watching documentaries and educational shows for kids about planets and space. I remember this vividly when I exceeded my bedtime and pretended to be asleep so I can wake up in the middle of the night to watch space shows. I focused on education and I believe it is one of the most important tools for us to develop and grow.  Throughout high school, I found an opportunity to go to a Space Academy in the United States and I was only 16 at that time. I applied and wished for the best, for me, it was a dream come true and I didn’t want to let this opportunity slip away. A few weeks passed and I was informed that I had been selected to go to Space Camp. It was amazing and astonishing to be able to live a dream I once had in reality and it became an accomplishment.  Making a dream come true motivated me to dream bigger and aim for the stars. My dreams were what guided me through life and I found myself dreaming bigger. I am writing this article as a master’s student in France and I am halfway through the journey I started last year. It was all a dream when I was a student in school back in my country and who said dreams are not real?  I believe that dreams can be turned into goals to work on making to become a reality. Dreams are real and without dreams, we would not be creative, positive, hopeful, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and so on. All the ideas of creativity and making a positive change in societies worldwide were once dreams, they didn’t come from nothing. They had a seed just like a plant before it grows into a tree. Our ideas and goals were once dreams.  I believe that they are the things that make our reality prettier and hopeful. They reflect how our world should be if we work on the dreams we have.