Ellicott City Flood.... Again

Less than two years after the last devastating flood of 2016, Main Street was flooded again on Sunday May 27, 2018.  Within a few mile swath 9.5 inches of rain pummeled us over a short time in the afternoon, however less than 15 miles south there was no rain.

An old stone building - the first county courthouse - turned into orientation center behind the log cabin museum, is now gone; as is the road on left side of the photo.

The old building (center, shortest) on lower Main Street was owned by Elizabeth (Ellicott) Lea's mother, and Lea collected the ground rents, as detailed in my 2016 post HERE. Like all the other buildings, it has flooded again.  It appears that the old Caplan's building, built 1920s, on the right was hit even harder this year than in 2016.
'Stars of Hope' put up throughout the old town were painted at the 9/11 museum. Info on the group HERE
Macy's of Columbia Mall store employees volunteer to clean the windows, facade and paint the plywood white. In 92 degree temps, they were so cheerful and actually happy to be working to help EC.    They had special T-shirts with  "Volunteering is always in fashion  Macys" on back.  Plus Macy's donated almost $40,000 to Ellicott City Partnership. 

Faux painted plywood
Each week brings more changes to EC.

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