Fallout: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Caesar’s Legion

While many of the main factions in the Fallout series have well known histories, there are certain facts that must be discovered through notes or through characters. Caesar's Legion is one of the major factions in Fallout New Vegas, being one of the sides fighting to take control of Hoover Dam.

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Caesar is considered to be a villain of Fallout New Vegas, but his faction only inhabits one location in the game, called The Fort. Through talking to characters and reading notes found through the Mojave Wasteland, the player can learn that Caesar's Legion is not as bad as the wasteland lets on.

10 Caesar Born As Edward Sallow

Caesar was not always known by this name, he was born as Edward Sallow in the New California Republic. It is learned that Caesar found and read books in his youth about the Roman Empire and the historic Caesar, deciding to model himself after the ancient empire.

Caesar was sent on an expedition to the Grand Canyon, where he happened to meet Joshua Graham. Both were captured by a tribe, but Caesar united the tribe with others and started to form Caesar's Legion.

9 The Ultimate Goal Is To Conquer The NCR

It could be expected that after capturing the Hoover Dam, Caesar's Legion would turn their sights on the New California Republic. Caesar has a dream of conquering the land he was once born in. With the capture of the Hoover Dam and the new lands the Legion has, this dream seems possible.

If Caesar was able to achieve this dream, the entire West Coast would be a territory of Caesar's Legion. The faction would also have a better chance of claiming they are an actual country.

8 Made Up Of 87 Tribes

Before the release of the Lonesome Road DLC, Caesar's Legion was made up of 86 tribes. Some of these are named in the game, such as the Blackfoots, the Twisted Hairs, and the Sun Dogs. With the release of the DLC, it is discovered the Legion has recently assimilated a new tribe.

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A new armor is included in Lonesome Road, called Armor of the 87th Tribe. A centurion named Gaius Magnus is revealed to be the one who conquered the newest tribe.

7 Co-Founded By Joshua Graham

Joshua Graham helped found Caesar's Legion with Caesar, becoming known as the Malpais Legate. Joshua was a Mormon missionary who started to lead the armies into battle. His role in the Legion came to an end after the First Battle of Hoover Dam.

Caesar had to make it known that failure was not an option for anyone in the Legion. Joshua lost the battle to take the dam, so he was punished by being lit on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon. Joshua survived, going on to become the legendary Burned Man.

6 White Legs Being Used To Kill Graham

Caesar knows that Joshua Graham is still alive inside of Zion, so he made a deal with the White Legs. If the tribe is able to kill Graham, the tribe will be able to join Caesar's Legion. This plays a large role in the Honest Hearts DLC.

The White Legs are attacking the tribes in Zion in order to kill off Joshua Graham. Whether the White Legs would have actually been assimilated into Caesar's Legion is unknown, but the tribe had failed their task.

5 Armor Made Of Sports Gear

The armor of Caesar's Legion is made out of sports gear. Shoulder guards from football, umpire's vests, and football helmets can be seen on members of the Legion. Caesar's uniform is even a sports jersey.

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Compared to the armors of the New California Republic and other factions, this might seem pretty primitive. Despite this, Caesar's Legion is shown to be able to conquer lands without much trouble.

4 Women Are Forbidden From Fighting

In the society of Caesar's Legion, women are not allowed to fight. Players who play as a female courier are able to see this, as they will not be allowed to fight in the arena at The Fort. This also explains why there are no women Legionaries.

In this society, women stay behind and are considered helpers, cooking, cleaning, and acting as breeders for the faction. Playing as a female courier and siding with the Legion will be one of the first times a woman took part in the fighting.

3 Has Spies In The NCR

Players can discover that a captain in the NCR, Ronald Curtis, is a spy working for the Legion. He is tasked with blowing up the monorail, but the player is able to stop him from doing so. Despite Curtis being the only known spy, this can indicate that there are more spies throughout the NCR army.

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Like any good faction, the Legion is most likely to have spies all throughout the NCR ranks. Some members of Caesar's Legion can even be found on The Strip, disguised so they are able to speak to the player.

2 Some Marked Men Are Legion

In The Divide, a form of humans called Marked Men are found. Some of these men are former members of Caesar's Legion, who got caught in the disaster that formed The Divide. Putting aside their differences, they work together with former members of the NCR.

Aspects of Caesar's Legion can be found on some of the named Marked Men. Replicas of Legate Lanius' helmet can be found, and the armor of the former Legionaries are patched up with signs. Newly formed Marked Men can be found if the player launches a nuke towards Legion territory at the end of the Lonesome Road DLC.

1 Traders Feel Safe In Legion Territory

When players enter The Fort, they can find a trader named Dale Barton. By talking to him, the player discovers that Dale prefers to trade with Caesar's Legion, finding it cheaper and safer. This is revealed to be because the Legion keeps trading routes clear of raiders and creatures.

The companion Cassidy, who does not like Caesar's Legion, has admitted to admiring Legion trade routes. She mentioned that compared to NCR territories, Legion territories attract traders, merchants, and wastelander communities because of the safety.

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