Future Of The Blog And Other Endeavors

As things keep going and the blog keeps growing there are things I want to add and do.   Obviously tactics and thoughts of the Imperial Guard will always remain the main focus of this blog, I can guarantee that this will not change.  I would like to add more community based segments though, as I like seeing what everyone else thinks and does, as this is a community hobby at its core.  I also have an announcement that is related to the blog if not solely about it.

So I guess I will get right to it.  Talking with my buddy and my brother, he proposed the idea of a podcast.  This is something that I am interested in and think it would be good.  He and I can literally talk for hours about 40k (4 hours on the phone one day, so my wife reminds me).  So we are in the works of getting a podcast going.  This will not be a Cadia's Creed podcast lets be clear, its a joint effort that we all will be supporting.  My buddies blog is over here.  We both are imperial players so that podcast will revolve around that perspective, of the Imperial Guard and Space Marines. And my brother is going to act as moderator and keep us on track as well as add his 2 cents.

Expect a similar format to other Podcasts, though less of what we are doing and games played.  I don't know about you but that part of most podcasts never really interested me, so we will be skimming through that and only bring it up if it was important in other regards.  I doubt any of you really care if I talk about what I didn't do since last podcast :p.  I do have a blog so thats covered. 

Plan is to do a bimonthly cast and go from there, may turn into a monthly or even a weekly thing depending on how things go.  So that is something for you all to look forward to.  Since our wives suffer through our 40k addiction, they will be involved as well, as much as they want to so that is going to entirely depend on them.  Most likely it will be them in the background making fun of us. 
Still this will be an adult oriented podcast so yes there will be big boy words. 

So expect sometime in the next month our first run, will be basically a 40k current events and thoughts on the game with tactics and ideas and fluff talk.  We intend to include listener submissions a we go and if you have any ideas or questions feel free for now to send me an email with subject PODCAST for now. 

Other things that I want to do on my blog specifically is add in more reader and community stuff.  So please send my your army pics.  I want to see them and show them off.  I like seeing other peoples work and if yall can send me enough stuff I can turn it into a weekly thing.  Send me an email with subject Army Pics and a description of your army and work you have done to it.

I also want to do a blog roll/ blog plug.  So if you have a blog and are starting out or want to be added to the Cadia's Creed blog roll, send me an email with BLOGROLL as the Subject and I'll take a look at your blog and add yours.  I got to where I'm at right now because some other people were willing to add me to their blog roll so it's something to return the favor.  It will end up being a once a week thing as well (hopefully), where I will showcase and talk about your blog.  You don't have to be IG either, as I love reading other blogs that are non IG and seeing how those people see their armies.

I really want to promote community, as even though this is my blog, if no one else is involved its just me talking to myself on the internet.  With over 100,000 views now I am glad that it is not the case. 

So expect more in the future, but a lot of this is also reliant on you and the community, I can only post stuff if I get pictures or emails.  Hope this works out.