I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus

Here are my top 5 reasons for liking facial hair:

5. I feel like I am trying to be like Jesus :)

4. Facial Hair demands a certain amount of respect. I think it definitely makes me look older. (Not necessarily a good thing. . .)

3. It protects me from the cold.

2. The only downside is that people sometimes wonder if you are an ax murderer.

1. You look like you've been backpacking in Europe.

"I'm going to stab you 1000x with each little, prickly hair!
MUh-Hahaha-ahhaah!" So what do you think? Does the GOAT reinforce the mature, self-assured, manly-man look or more the Ax-murderer look? I'm pretty sure it's coming off tomorrow for church, but I'll wait to see what your comments indicate...

Listening to: Owl City - Hello Seattle