Incredibly High Flood Levels Sign On Main Street

Floods and more floods have done various degrees of damage over the years.  Recording just the major floods, this sign on the Oliver Viaduct (part of the stone railroad bridge was destroyed by a flood) is striking.  There is a number on the railing of the horrific 1868 flood when waters reached 21.5 feet above street level.  Jonathon Ellicott's home was lost in the 1972 flood but his brother George's home survived and has since been moved uphill.

"Significant Flood Dates & Height of River above Street Level"
1868 - 21.5 ft.  (top of railing)
1972 - 14.5 ft.  (top of wooden post)
1923 & 1975 - 9 ft.
1952 - 7 ft
©2016 Patricia Bixler Reber
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