My Grad School App Was Accepted Today. Naturally.

I don't mean to be cocky, but I knew this day would come.

I took the GRE. I completed the required application. I threw out my desired response to the Universe. And after an eternity of waiting, the answer FINALLY came back. I'm in.

Utah State was the only school I wanted to go to, ergo, the only school I applied to. Some of my friends and family counseled me to apply to a number of schools, and call them up to have your name stick in their minds, and not to be over-confident. My response was, and will always be:

"If it suppose to happen, It will."

I realize that this is a very daring motto to live by. Later today, I will finish this post and explain why I have chosen to live by this philosophy and the holes that I have already found in it.

Later that day...

Major holes in my philosophy:

Man I was feeling conceded this morning!  I kept claiming that the universe had decided for me and yet, at the same time, I gave myself credit for being awesome.  I think what I was really feeling was confidence and validation.I renounce my probationary life motto, "If it's supposed to happen, it will."  That is the rally cry of the disenfranchised or the ignorant.As a God-fearing, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I understand my purpose of life on earth.  I am here to practice discerning between good and evil and to choose the good.  In other words, the whole point of this thing called "life" is to act in the way God would want me to.  He has provided earthly servants to teach me His word and the Gift of the Holy Ghost to direct me on a daily basis, but I digress.  God wants me to be an agent of action, not an object to be acted upon.  By waiting for things to happen, I squander that divine gift of agency.If anything, my new life motto ought to be the opposite of "If it's supposed to happen, it will."  It should be something more like, "Come unto Christ, Go after what you Love, and don't be afraid of the intermediary steps that bring those two states into alignment."