No Drain Tuna FIsh

Tuna is one of those great products, it's yummy as a sandwich, salad, or casserole.

Every time I open a can, I am reminded of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Debra and Ray are arguing and they are each telling their side of the story. He claims he tried to open the can of tuna and the liquid poured all over him, she claims it was a tiny drop. We know how it goes, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

When I was grocery shopping this past weekend (yes, I was specifically looking for tuna) I happened to notice a new product. No drain tuna.
Tuna without getting juice everywhere? Tuna without making the disgusting mistake of getting tuna in oil vs. tuna in water.


I brought it home and opened the can to make it for my lunch.

Oh how wonderful to just see clean, all white tuna, NOT floating in the can!

I chopped up some celery, mixed it with some mayo, seasoned, and ready to go.
Very shortly afterwards I realized I had company in my kitchen.

Mr. Sir the kitty...he knew the smell. I have never heard him yowl so loud and so long! Then he started attacking the trashcan trying to tip it over to get to the can.
It was kitty mayhem!

So, if that is the only downfall (and an entertaining one at that) I can live with the feeling of being a bad kitty mom.

I will be buying this product again!