Oakland's Outbuildings Repurposed

A previous post HERE described Oakland. Next to the mansion is a stone wash house (left) which connects to the underground ice house holding 1200 bushels of ice. Nearby is the fancy carriage house.  In the farm section, now next to the man-made Wilde Lake on Hyla Point Road, is the old Oakland house, stone slave and blacksmith buildings, a sheep house, a spring house and a later-built barn.

Wash house with 20th century additionsNow: Howard County Center of African American Culture
Underground ice house and entrance 
Carriage house now Kittamaqundi Community Church
Blacksmith (left), slave quarters (middle, red roof)
'Old Oakland' with large modern addition
at 10026 & 10102 Hyla Point Road, north side of Wilde Lake 'Old Oakland' or 'Oakland Farm'stone slave quarters, now homeblacksmith, now homeBarn, now maintenance Sheep house, now boat houseSpring houseSpringMore information and b&w pictures at Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties HO-551 Wash house, ice house; HO-184 Old Oakland Manor HERE; HO-331 Slave quarters HERE; HO-185 Blacksmith Shop HERE; HO-576 Oakland Barn on Wilde Lake HERE
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