Partners In Crime

Best friends go through a lot together. They make memories of all the happy and sad moments. They face ups and downs, the downs help them grow tighter and closer. They get to see each other's raw elements when no one else can. They share a unique language which nobody else understands. Best friends are mirrors. But most importantly best friends are your guarding angels, they look out for you when no one else does.
I met my best friend, Serein, in third grade. I don't have a good memory but I remember on my first day at school, I was so shy that I waited outside my classroom to get inside. She told me that we first talked to each other in art class. At the beginning, we weren't really close but then, we took off. That day took us to years after and I cannot describe how grateful I am for it.
We have been best friends for almost 16 years. We have grown into the women we are today. Although we are no longer kids; we are still kids at heart. Our society isn’t much of a women supporter and it is never easy, it never was. Regardless, we believed in each other and made it through. The fact that we now push each other is beyond amazing. Our friendship wasn’t always perfect but it is what makes it special."Treat your friends as you do your pictures... place them in their best light." ~ Jennie Jerome ChurchillI can make mistakes while counting the memories of all the happy and sad moments we had together. In moments of despair, we found each other the most. Our differences are what makes our friendship unique because we found our common ground with everything in between. As one my favorite songs say "Share a raincoat in the wind, they got my back until the end." I will say, at least I got my best friend. 
Serein now is a Youtuber and I am a blogger. It is not so common to attach these terms to females in my county. However, we managed to inspire and bring each other up whenever one is in doubt. She has been a great support system. She believes in my potentials like no other. She told me once that we will make it because we can. We are no longer the people we were yesterday. Actually, we are better versions of ourselves.
Best friends, in my opinion, can shed light on the darkest days. They give you hope when you're in despair. It is beyond long phone calls or hangouts. It is about understanding and sharing. I am glad I could grow up to be the person I am today with a great, supportive, loving, and caring human being.
In case you want to check Serein's vlog: