Pizzeria! By DiGiorno

I happened across a coupon for a new pizza by DiGiorno and figured...why the heck not! I like DiGiorno. I like coupons. I like having a quick meal in the freezer for those insane nights.
What do I have to lose here?

I got to the store, and either there was a major run on these pizzas, or the store only ordered one flavor to try on the customers.
We ended up with the Supreme. I prefer cheese. Whateves...not the end of the world.

What I did not care for was the price.
I can get a large, fresh cooked pizza at my local shop for the same price as this frozen pizza.
Happy I had my coupon on hand!

One crazy Saturday we were looking for a quick lunch. I tossed this baby in the oven.
It smelled really fantastic!

We ate it...and wondered what the big deal is.
What makes this so special, or even new?
It tasted very similar to every other frozen pizza.

They have a satisfaction guarantee...but I consider myself satisfied, I would not use this option.

Would I buy it again, yes.
Would I specifically go for that item? Not so much.