Post 146 Tables Complete

Just to finish off what I started in my last post I've now finished painting my new display tables.
Four coats of Cabots water soluble varnish stain in deep mahogany give a nice satin finish and a good deep colour and you can still see the grain of the timber. It is surprising how well the simple old domestic pine has come up.

Here is the larger of the tables supporting a nice twin trunk swampy. Making the tables and finishing in a very traditional colouring and finish, reinforces the minor part the table plays in the overall composition. The focus is always on the tree and while the table must reach a certain minimum standard, once done it becomes quite invisible.
Having the tree up at a better height increases this effect. The observer's eyes and senses are much better served by being within the trees height range than above it, focussing attention even further away from the display table.