Post 26 First New Oval Pot

This is the first pot I've turned out of the new oval mould I made recently. This is air dried only - having taken a good three weeks bagged. If you look back to Posts 21 and 22 you can see that it has turned out as expected and a very good likeness to the shape I was after. It just has to stay that way through bisque and glaze firing.

 Final dried dimensions are 440 x 320 x x97.   What do you think?

I need to get in and make some more now before I get any where near ready to glaze it.

I've been spending my time getting ready for another trial of a series of glazes. My Seger model has been very useful to adapt recipes to available materials in a much more informed way. The trial has about 4 or 5 base glazes each with 2 or 3 subtle variations to test changes in surface finish, further superimposed with a number of different colourant combinations. On top of that there are a number of one-offs which look interesting and fun to test. So I have ended up with about 100 test tiles to fire - that is quite an enterprise to mix and apply let alone make all the test tiles to start with. It's taken up most of my potting time over the last couple of weeks.

With all those test tiles I have only room in the kiln for one pot to be glaze fired, but the testing remains a priority right now.  I'm planning on firing up the kiln tomorrow and so over the next week should have some glaze test results and a finished pot to share.