Solo Batik Carnival II - 2009

A special event will be held in on June 26-28 in Solo. It is Solo Batik Carnival II- 2009. A Carnival which performs all the potential of Indonesian Batik, mostly Solo, as the native-land of Batik. This event will combine all the traditional creativity and art-performances from all Batik producers around Indonesia. Attractive mask and costumes, beautiful dancing and movement, and the unique arrangements of traditional and contemporary music will performed also in this event. These 2 days carnival and all the art performances included will surely give you the atmosphere and experiences of the creative, unique, and genuine Indonesian Batik. "SBC II should be 2 changes without reducing the batik. For example, in terms of costumes, must appear in terms of volume change, innovation, creativity, originality, power and life. SBC 2 should show something unique, fantastic, and spectacular," said Dynand Fariz, the leader of the Carnival ( Welcome to the native-land of Batik, Solo/ Surakarta Hadininingrat!!!