Stef's Seminary Ten-Minute Teaching Experience

What an honor it was to be a visitor for Stefanie's seminary teaching experience Wednesday morning! She taught first followed by two other boys: a tall, skinny Peter-Priesthood named Mark and a BYU student who needs no introduction, Jan Jorgenson—The Cougar's star linebacker.

Stef taught first. Her scripture block included the missionary favorite, Gal. 3:22-23 focusing on gifts of the Spirit. She did so well. She was the best at soliciting examples and personal stories from the class. She also did a magnificent job bring the Spirit into the lesson through sharing her testimony. One thing I thought she could work on for next time is to make it less like a testimony meeting and more learner focused by planning some analysis and application questions. (Remember the SAA pattern: Search, Analyze, Apply) That way the learners will know what to do with the scriptural principles we just discovered. (That's the hardest part for me too.)

Mark did a good job in reminding us of the role of the Spirit at the beginning of his lesson, John 17:1-4.

Despite being completely scatter-brained that morning by forgetting to make copies of his outline and forgetting to purchase a camcorder tape (Stef saved his bacon cause she happened to have an extra), I thought Jan did the best job teaching. Jan taught the same block as Mark. But Jan bore powerful testimony while maintaining the focus on the learner throughout the lesson. He referenced scriptures outside of the block, which is frowned upon when overused, but he did an excellent job digging to the heart of the principle giving us all a clear definition of, and challenge to attain eternal life.

Listening to: Rascal Flatts - Life is a a Highway