Strange Aeons: 3rd Scene Of Horror

William Forsythe hears something... This is my 3rd Scene of Horror, based on a dental floss container and some bits I had laying around. You can see how this project started here: http:///2012/06/wip-scenes-of-horror-rlyeh-gotta-pee.html

 After paint, but before attaching the door, I detailed the interior of the door with some spooky glowey eyes. This was a trade off, I wanted to add something to the piece that wasn't overt and still allowed models to stand at the doorway. Speaking of which, I'm probably going to make a metal door to replace this wood one at some point but this is fine for now.

I flocked and added crabgrass around the area and some ivy creeping up the back. I had installed some some fence which I had picked up from Scenic Express (a GREAT company) and added some verdigris to that to age it a bit. Originally I installed the full height but my buddy Pete suggested it was too tall so I cut it in half. I'm glad I did. 5 models can stand inside the fence.