Strange Aeons: Game 2, "Treasure Hunt"

In my last game of Strange Aeons, we rolled Treasure Hunt. That evening was my team's second game and at 16 points, it seemed like I would be able to cruise with a good chance of winning. All I found was death and sorrow (which includes the Burger King stop on the way home).

I don't have many pics because the game was over pretty much when it started. I played T, Pete and Trish's teenage son, whose pseudo-indifferent ass-beating style both enrages me and leaves me in awe. The sides:

Threshold Team :
Agent Connery:Bowie knife, twin .45's, Heroic, Stat Decrease & Two Fisted (Ranged).Agent Petri: 45, bowie knife and Tommy Gun, Heroic.William Forsythe: .22 and bowie knifeLurkers:
Cult Leader with .22Cultist with .22Cultist with shottieNight GauntThe Board: The old Hetfield place sits alone and dark as the Threshold agents Connery, Petri and civilian William Forsythe approaches from the South. Here, the board is separated into zones, any of which may contain treasure, assuming the Threshold are left alone to search for it.Awesome terrain and Lurkers minis by Pete Ceretti
Threshold straddles the sections of the board, readying to search for the artifact mentioned in William's father's journal...

The Night Gaunt closes way faster than anticipated. I seriously misjudged the distance it could cross and left Petri just inside the daemon's Charge range, which it promptly did. It crossed the board and got into melee with Agent Petri before anybody had a chance to shoot at it. A critical blunder was forgetting that when Petri won a combat he could have backed off and allowed everyone to shoot the damned thing. Instead, he stayed toe-to-paw with the beast and paid for it in blood. The Night Gaunt took Petri's tommygun from him, broke it half and then handed it back to him, thanks to Destroy Weapon. Great.

Agent Connery watches as Petri's face is shredded and Forsythe is torn to bloody bacon ribbons.Upon seeing Petri leaving the game with a minor injury, Connery failed his Resolve check and charged the Night Gaunt with Frenzy. It took double attacks (plus his popped Heroic) for Connery to run trains of 6's +CC bonus but it didn't matter, he was outclassed in melee (thanks to the Gaunt's Parry) and could only come close to besting the creature. The Night Gaunt eventually took Connery out.So William Forsythe III met his doom at the paws of a frantic Night Gaunt, trying to intercept a coup de grace when Agent Petri was laid low by the grey daemon. They never once tried to find the artifact, they were too busy fighting the Night Gaunt that crossed the board at tickle-speed. While Agent Petri recovered from his wounds at a Massachusetts hospital (at taxpayer expense) the Forsythe family had a second burial in as many weeks, the previous being Williams father, also an archaeological professor, murdered by their maniac butler and secret congregant of the Church of Dagon, Wannamaker. A strange symmetry was at play in the Wannamaker family too, as his brother, a Threshold conscript, died to a Formless Thing on the old Hetfield place. The slain officer's wife has joined Pete's Threshold team, eager for revenge for her husband and absolution for her brother-in-law's insane evil.

Somewhere in his office deep in the Northeast safehouse, Agent Connery stared at his twin .45's and obsessed over the dread he was feeling about ever firing them again and how different things would be if only he squeezed those triggers at ol' Hetfield's place...

So, 1 win one loss, Petri has a full recovery (but with facial scars) and Connery has Ballistophobia. Just another day at the office....

Facial scars for Petri! New Tommygun for Petri!