Survey Indicates Nearly Half Of All Women Fail To Seek Medical Care Due To Health Care Costs

On December 2, 2008, HealthDay reported, "Women are cutting back on health care due to costs, according to a Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday by the National Women's Health Resource Center." The poll revealed that "almost half the women failed to seek medical care in the year before the survey," saying that they cut back on "doctor visits, recommended medical procedures and medication." A breakdown by demographic showed that "58 percent of Hispanic women" reported skipping health care, compared to "43 percent of white women and 42 percent of black women."

Beth Battaglino Cahill, executive director of the center, noted that over "40 percent of the ... women polled said their health had declined in the past year, with most citing stress and weight gain as the cause."

Of those who "had skipped needed medical care," one-fourth "believed their illnesses lasted longer as a result," WebMD added. Still, the poll showed that women were "least likely to put off doctor visits for their children," with only four percent responding that "they had put off taking their children to the doctor because of the cost." The poll included "754 adult women with and without health insurance chosen to reflect the racial and socioeconomic composition of women in the U.S."

The survey also "focused on women's attitudes toward aging," with "four out of five women" responding that "they were emotionally prepared to grow older." Furthermore, data showed that "a slightly lower number felt they had adequate knowledge of issues related to aging."

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LFA Comments: It is important for people with lupus to not put off visits with their doctor because lupus requires close monitoring by a physician, especially for individuals with kidney involvement. Most patients won’t notice problems until significant damage has occurred.