Tomato Crostini With Whipped Feta

This picture is a hot mess.  A food stylist would slap my wrists with a ruler (because food stylists are also grammar school teachers from the olden days, right?).  In my defense, trying to take this photo was not easy because there were hands everywhere... reaching, grabbing, snatching (that's not redundant).  Basically, this was the best appetizer I've ever had.  Everything about it was perfection.  And I cannot take credit... my friend made them, Martha Stewart Beth Grealy, and she doesn't make mistakes.  The crostini was toasted perfectly, just the right amount of crisp.  The feta, whipped until it reached a heaven-like consistency, was salty and creamy.  Lemon, garlic, minced onions, heirloom tomatoes, basil, etc... THEY WERE SO GOOD.  And why wouldn't they be, Ina is responsible.  (Recipe here)