Types Of Mortise And Tenon Joints, Indonesian Wooden Furniture

Indonesia has been famous for its inexpensive and competitive wooden furniture products around the world. While people, especially, high end market tends to choose machine-made furniture. Most Indonesian exporter survive with their aesthetic and distinctive hand-crafted wooden furniture. It might be subjective, but looking at the process from raw material to the final finishing, Indonesian should be proud that their gifted talents in handcrafting wooden furniture from Mahogany, Mindi, to the hardest wood in the world- Tectona Grandis alias Jati or Teak with its grades are becoming their masterpiece of their hand-crafting talents.

For those who are familiar with woodworking, especially hand-made products, they will almost everyday doing the joining things. Joining-working in woodworking is one of the important factors, especially in hand-made furniture as we will never see the perfections of joints other than for machine-made products. Thus, I would say these hand-crafting carpenters together with those finishing men are all the artists of wood-furniture.

Just for reminder and review these are pictures of various joints in wood working. The perfections of those belong to machine-made, but the arts will always stay with Hand Crafted-Wooden Furniture. So, it is time for you to visit Indonesia and meet all these woodworking artists and see how they do the adjoining process all with their divine-talented hands... :)

Picture Source: www.wikipedia.org