Update #2!

Alright everyone. For a few months I didn't get to many recipes accomplished. I blame it on work, child, and life. Needless to say, I'm back on the wagon (or pan if you wish) and trying to whip out some major recipeness this fall. I started this endevor 6 months ago, so how far have I made it? Here's the progress on Cooking with Mickey, Vol. 1:

Completed Recipe Percentage by Category: 
6% Dressings
7% Drinks
9% Seafood
33% Appetizers
33% Soups
37% Meats
43% Desserts
45% Veggetables
46% Poultry
52% Bread
67% Eggs & Cheese

In total, I am 32% through the book...I better get crackin'...literally! :-)

I have 4 more recipes that I'm planing to make this week. Along with these recipes, I have made around 7 recipes this year from the other Disney books, so the percentages are not all accurate. I hope you get a chance to make my 5 Mickey rated recipes!