Wax finish is almost similar with the oil finish, is one of the traditional finishing materials that could produce the finishing looks: very natural, soft appearance, smooth surface, with a simple application method. Compared with oil finish, wax material has higher viscosity, so it can be applied with a little thicker than the oil finish. As with oil finish, wax finish can not provide protection to the wood surface underneath. The protection of wax even less compare with oil finish, because the wax can not penetrate and wet the layer of wood like the oil finish does.

As with the oil finish, the wax layer can not build film layer, he will not give protection to the underneath surface from the water, air, and heat or solvent. But wax will be able to produce a smooth surface and subtle, since that it will help avoid the scratches caused by friction on the surface.
The wax application is like oil application, with wipe, brush and then even with a brush or rag to get even layer on the surface. Wax will fill and coloring the pores and grain of wood and will produce a natural and attractive appearance that can not be replaced by other finishing material. The wax color which is usually very little will make the resulting appearance becomes very soft and natural and can not be replaced by stain or glaze application. Because of his characteristic appearance that is very unique, this finishing is still loved by some people.
Wax material are made from a type of wasp, the same material that use to make candle usually has a brown base color, but by mixing with pigments it can be made with various colors. Now there is a wax supplier that provides wax in various colors like green, red other color.
One of the disadvantages of wax finish is that we can not fully control the finish color. The final color highly depends on the base color of the unfinished wood. If the base colors of the wood vary so the final finishing color will vary also. Therefore, to produce an even final finishing color, it is necessary get the even wood base color.
At this time some peoples do a combination of wax finis with the use of stain and sealer. Finishing step is as follows:
1. Stain (sap stain and equalizer to even the base color of the wood)
2. Thin sealer
3. Wax

This finishing process could produce a more flat finish, but with a wax finish looks like. Equalizer stain and sap stain is used to even wood base color so that the final color obtained will uniform. Sealer is applied over the stain to protect the stain so as not wiped off in the wax application. This sealer application should not be too thick, because if too thick will form a film layer and the finishing result will be no longer look natural. The sealer normally used is the nitrocellulose as the easiest and simplest, but other type of sealer is also can be used, as long as not too thick to avoid the film layer build.

SOURCE: http://www.wisnofurniturefinishing.com